Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Influenced Film ScreenShots


Our Film Opening Sequence ScreenShots


Monday, 9 March 2009

Final Cut - Urban Kaos

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Final Piece.

In our final film opening we have used our footage along with footage from Youtube, the reason why we had too use these bits is because we wanted to create a flashback effect with the transitions and the Youtube footage.
Another reason why we have taken the other footage is because we cant stage and film a football riot and hooligans in the street but we can editing filmed ones to create our effect. Using such footage helps to set the scene of the film and give a glimpse of what's to come.

We used various transitions such as Additive Dissolve and Dip to Colour Dissolve so our footage and the Youtube images blend together giving an overall fade into each other.
Our work goes from our footage to Youtube to ours and so on, our footage shows our character getting ready to go out and the other footage of riots and football being flashbacks of his previous football matches.

We used our logo at the beginning of our opening sequence with it then blending into a title sequence and finally into the first bit of footage of our opening sequence.

We sliced in the name of the film before seeing any footage, this gets the viewer already thinking about what the film is about. It then gets into the footage with it it switching from primary footage of Ben to secondary footage found about hooligans. We decided to put our titles at the end of the opening sequence as we didn't want to split up the footage because of the way it's synced with the music.

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rough Cut

This is our rough cut of our film opening giving you a overall view on our film piece of work which we will produce, it will help show us a plain view to make our final cut more detailed piece.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Our film opening is the main character asleep, waking up and doing various morning task's getting ready for football, during this time he has flask backs of other football games and fights showing an overall idea about the film and what happens in our characters lifestyle.

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Analysis - Green Street Hooligans

This film opening for green street hooligans gets straight to the point of what the film is about. it does this by setting the scene in London, you can tell this from there cockney accents, and straight away you this is going to be about football as you first see people they are singing football songs and kicking a can about like a football.
It then shows two different football fans who start getting aggressive with each other breaking out in a fight showing a various amount of shots and angles, this is good for our film opening because it it similar to it.

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Analysis - Human Traffic

The opening sequence introduces us to the main characters of the film.
It has each character talking as if addressing the audience explaining whats going on at the moment in time in there life, issues, feelings etc... This helps the viewer to relate to the characters which is an important convention of the film. It shows each character in the situation they are in, for example Jip, the main character, is shown at work complaining about erectile problems which could be interpreted to being linked with stress at work.

It then goes on with the Jip narrating and analyzing the other characters which shows that he is the main character and will continue to narrate throughout the film.

The micro element sound is used in the form of non diogetic music being played in the background of the clips. The opening credits then goes on to show clips of partying and protests against the government and encouraging free spirit.

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Synopsis - Urban Kaos

The main story line is about protagonist who goes to football games and where ever he is, he ends up in a riot or fight with other football hooligans causing problems for peaceful citizens and police as windows are smashed, cars destroyed and football fans ending up in hospital.
Our main character and his group of football friends follow their town football team round the country watching every match in the season, getting drunk and causing havoc everywhere and they get into trouble now and again but as a group they find away round them and come out laughing.
They live in Cambridge supporting Cambridge United football club, they travel following the bus getting by together, the film is a football fighting film about groups and being there for each other helping friends and trusting people.
They normally try and have a fight with every competitive football fans too show them who's the best team in the country. Some trouble they get into is getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly and wont make it for the next Cambridge United match.


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Monday, 19 January 2009

Film Opening Logo

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Monday, 12 January 2009

Film Production Logo

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- Tough monkey productions : Analyzing this logo it shows a monkey coloured in black and a frame in yellow, you can also see that the writing "tough monkey" is also in black and the "productions" is in yellow linking the monkey and the writing together as well as the frame and the other writing.
- ClawsOn productions LLC - A simple logo shown to look 3D because of how the writing is possisioned aswell as the claw marks on top making a point to the name of the film logo.
this is affective because of the image matching with the writing making it more memreable.
- Orange Country film commission - Is a smart picture of a orange combined with a film tape this makes the film logo intresting. It shows that its a film commssion logo aswell as their trademark of the orange.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

This is an opening to the film Hitman. The music in the opening sequence fits in with the genre of the film, this is a non diogetic sound.

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Opening Sequence

In order to analyse the opening sequence of Ace Ventura:Pet Detective we will look at the different micro elements and try and establish how they are used to set up character, narrative and genre.

The theme of the production is instantly recognised by the subtlty of the non-diegetic theme tune which is fast paced and racey and fits seemlessly with the actions on-screen. The tone of the tune enables the viewer to undrstand what genre of film they are watching which in this case is a light-hearted comedy

The song playing in the background during the opening sequence is non diogetic and fits with the actions that the character portrays throughout the sequence, its fast paced and racey which fits with the tempo of the characters movements and actions, the tone of the song lets the viewer instantly know what genre of film.

The sequence begins in slow-motion slowly increasing to real-time when the theme tune kicks in. This eases the viewer into the film It starts off with a low-angle shot quickly cutting to a tracking shot following the character as he runs along the sidewalk. The next shot is a close-up of a random pedestrians face showing his reaction to what is happening in the scene, it carries on with a tracking shot, showing the surrounding enviroment. All transisitions are cuts throughout the entirety of the film, this helps to not distant the viewer from the reality of what is happening on-screen, .

The character then walks up to the hotel walking in the oppossite direction of the camera which is situated at the bottom of the stairs, the camera then cuts to his face for a moment then returns back to a shot of the stairs as he returns to pick up his parcel following a low angle shot. What follows is a panning shot as the character walks from the door to the elevator, he enters the elevator with the camera in a fixed position until the film cuts to the elevator opening on the second floor of the hotel.

The micro element mise-en-scene is apparent from the beginning of the sequence with the main character, Ace Ventura, wearing a delivery company suit because this is the start of the film you dont know if it is his actual clothing or a disguise.

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Friday, 28 November 2008


Welcome to U2 71's Blog

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